2021 Duncan Lorien Australia & NZ Tour Details

Here is the good news about everyone waiting for the return of Duncan’s Music, Singing & Songwriting Seminars in 2021.

Due to the coronavirus restricting ALL his travel, Duncan has spent the last 6 months converting ALL his seminars to a format where he can now deliver them 100% LIVE ONLINE. (There had to be some good news coming out of this dreaded virus!)

What this means is that you don’t have to wait any longer! Because in January & February next year, Duncan will be delivering MUSIC Seminars, plus a SINGING and SONGWRITING Seminar in timezones suitable for Eastern Australia, Western Australia, New Zealand and even Singapore!

And you have the choice! You can either attend in person in a seminar room to see Duncan 100% LIVE ONLINE on the giant screen, with me in person attending to assist you with every part of the seminars.

OR you can do the seminar from the comfort of your own home, as he’ll be 100% LIVE ONLINE.

You can even mix n match if you want to do 1 or 2 days one way and another day another way. Seminar room or home, your choice.

Which means if you’ve been wanting to repeat any of Duncan’s seminars, either Music, Singing or Songwriting, or even do one for the first time, you have more choice and flexibility than ever before!


Here’s how next year’s seminar schedule looks. (Note if you are attending from home you can choose any of these dates that suit you but just remember to adjust for the right time zone.)


This seminar will be held in Perth. NOT in the Perth Hills but down in Freemantle to make it more easily accessible to those south of the river who have always wanted to attend. If you wish to do this seminar from home and don’t want to travel to Perth you can. It will be in the Western Australia timezone and so even people in Singapore could do this seminar if they want to repeat.


This seminar will be held in Canberra at the ANU as per previous years. So, if you live in the ACT, NSW or even northern Victoria, this will be the seminar for you. But of course, it will be in the same time zone as the whole of Eastern Australia, so that means anyone from QLD, NSW, VIC or TAS could do the seminar from home if they wanted to.


This seminar will be held in Auckland as per last year, but if you are elsewhere in New Zealand and don’t want to travel, you can do it from home as it will be in the same time zone for the whole country.


This seminar will be held in Melbourne as per previous years. So, if you live in Victoria, this will be the seminar for you. But of course, it will be in the same time zone as the whole of Eastern Australia, so that means anyone from QLD, NSW, VIC or TAS could do the seminar from home if they wanted to. (And if the Canberra dates don’t suit you, this one might.)


We’re moving the singing seminar from its normal Tuesday night/Wednesday day to the weekend, so it’s more accessible to more people. While it will be in Melbourne, it will also be in the Eastern Australia time zone so that ANYONE, ANYWHERE in Victoria, NSW, ACT, Tasmania or Queensland can join us from home if you wish. But because it’s a half day on Saturday and a later start on Sunday the reality is that anyone from either New Zealand OR Western Australia could also join us if you really have always wanted to do the singing seminar but can’t get to Melbourne.


First time ever! Exciting news for anyone who’s always wanted to do the Songwriting Seminar, but didn’t want to have to travel to Melbourne. This is Duncan’s famous Songwriting Seminar delivered in Melbourne for those who live here, but being in the the Eastern Australia time zone it is really accessible to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, throughout Australia, New Zealand or Asia. If you’ve always wanted to do this seminar, don’t miss this once only chance to do it with Duncan 100% LIVE ONLINE without having to travel. (We are restricting places to graduates of this seminar who want to repeat to make sure that everyone who wants to do it for the first time gets priority! We think it will sell out really fast!)

How will Duncan deliver the seminar 100% Live Online?

Duncan has already delivered 2 of these seminars online in the US market with great success.
Duncan delivers the seminar using a combination of 3 cameras and a fantastic full colour slide presentation. (No more whiteboards!) He has one camera facing him for when he’s talking, one overhead camera for the keyboard when he plays or demonstrates things and one camera on the side for when he plays or demonstrates the guitar. You get a better view of what he’s doing than if he were actually in the room doing the same thing.

Because everyone watching Duncan on the screen has the same view, people from the two test seminars said they followed everything much better in this new format. And the colour slide presentation presents the concepts of the seminar even better than before as he uses colour photography, illustrations, even animation and video to demonstrate things.

If you register for doing the seminar at home, we will send you a Zoom link so you can join the seminar on your computer, laptop or tablet. (We do NOT recommend attempting to do the seminar on your phone, the screen is too small for you to get the full benefit of the seminar.)

If you attend the seminar live in the seminar room, we will have a giant video screen set up so that everyone can see and follow Duncan perfectly. I will be on a laptop in front of the room with live chat direct to Duncan for any questions and of course, I will be there with you in person to assist you live if needed.

In the room we will have keyboards set up, and a few guitars but if you want to bring one along, please do so. If you are doing the seminar from home, you will need a keyboard and guitar set up near your computer or tablet so you can join in when Duncan asks you to. If you do not have a keyboard or guitar or cannot borrow them, simply let us know and we’ll organise to send you a rollup keyboard and/or pocket strings at very low cost. (They are great practice tools for after the seminar and are highly recommended.)

Whichever option you choose, I guarantee you’ve never felt as close to Duncan as you will in this new format. It’s up close and personal. And the time will fly as it always does because Duncan never fails to be absolutely witty, charming, engaging and enlightening.

 New Understanding Music Seminar Online Format
(The new Understanding READING Music Seminar.)

As part of the conversion of the original Understanding Music Seminar to an online format, Duncan has had to standardise the seminar to one global format.

In non-English speaking countries, Duncan takes twice as long to deliver a seminar because everything he says in English, has to be repeated in German, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Russian or whatever. So, for the past 25 years, Duncan has always delivered the Understanding Music Seminar over 2 weekends in all these non-English speaking countries. The first seminar teaches Understanding PLAYING music and the second teaches Understanding READING music.

So Duncan has had to split the original UMS seminar into two separate seminars to follow this European format for all future seminars in all countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

The good news is that you get more of each subject in both seminars because Duncan has more time to explain things better, give you more examples and you get to spend more time in the seminar getting your hands on your instruments and playing things.

The other good news is that graduates of the original Understanding Music Seminar can still get the special repeat rate of just $300 if they want to do either the Understanding Music Seminar (Playing version) or the Understanding Reading Music Seminar. You can of course also repeat both if you wish for the same price each or you can just do the one you most want to do.

So all the Understanding MUSIC Seminars listed above are the Understanding PLAYING Music Seminar and are an expanded version of the first 2 days of the original seminar. (We will be running an Understanding READING Music Seminar probably in June for anyone who wants to do a refresher on that.)

So there you have it. The wonderful new ONLINE world of Duncan Lorien’s Understanding Music, Singing and Songwriting Seminars.

All Existing Bookings will be honoured

All existing bookings and deposits for all seminars will be fully honoured with this new timetable. Some of the weekends have moved from the original dates, so just check that you can make the new weekend seminar dates. If  you can’t and it’s a problem we will offer a full refund, or consider doing the seminar in one of the other time zones. (Perth is 3 hours behind Melbourne and New Zealand is 2 hours ahead so we’ve factored this into all our starting and finishing times to make it possible for everyone to do any of the seminars if they really want to.)

Bookings are now open for all seminars on the website. Go to the bookings page and select the seminar and time zone you want. https://www.understandingmusicseminar.com.au/book-now/

Repeat rates for graduates of the Music, (Reading Music) and Songwriting Seminars are still only $300.
Repeat rates for graduates of the Singing Seminar is still only $200.

For new tickets to the Singing Seminar the price is $495 but you can save $50 with the Early Bird discount. Full price for the Music and Reading Music Seminars are $995 with a $100 Early Bird discount. The Songwriting Seminar full price remains $1095, with a $100 Early Bird discount. (We’ve reduced the price of the Music seminars only by $100 or $50 for singing.)

Please don’t delay. With all Duncan’s seminars now available to everyone all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia we are expecting a rush and the limited places will sell out. Choose the seminar or seminars you want to do, book online and we will look forward to seeing your smiling face on our screens come January or February next year.

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Mark Farrelly
Organiser Australia, New Zealand & Asia
Understanding Music, Singing and Songwriting Seminars
AUS info@musicseminar.com.au NZ info@musicseminar.co.nz SINGAPORE info@musicseminar.asia
AUS 0450 510 822   NZ 021 0813 4170    Singapore WhatsApp: +61 450 510 822
PS. Remember if you’ve friends, family members, workmates or anyone you know who’s expressed interest in doing Duncan’s UMS seminar, get them