Learn to play music in less than 3 days

Discover an amazing new way to learn to play music, that is unlike anything you’ve even seen before.

Whether you are a complete novice, have dabbled in music a little or have even tried to play before and given up in frustration – the Understanding Music Seminar is for you.
You will be amazed that in just one long weekend you can learn how to play and understand music, including all notes, scales, chords and more on BOTH keyboard and guitar!
Plus you will learn how to easily and simply read chord charts so you can play your favourite songs.

Yes, by the end of these 3 days you will be able to pick up any song book with the chords and lyrics to your favourite songs and be able to understand how to play them. (Sure you’ll be a bit slow at first, but the key is you will UNDERSTAND what you are doing.)

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Join 40,000 successful graduates worldwide

Nearly 40,000 people from 25 countries around the world have already graduated from the Understanding Music Seminar.

They include ordinary everyday people who have just always had a dream to play music.
They include people who have struggled to play music for years.

And they include self-taught musicians who never understood the theory of music. Singers who couldn’t play a note. And believe it or not, even professional musicians, music teachers AND music professors.

Yes, this seminar really is for anyone of any background or experience level in music. It doesn’t matter whether you have been tinkling on your grandma’s old piano for years or never even touched one, everyone who does this seminar is completely amazed by how much they learn in such a short period of time

Incredible, life-changing testimonials

But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of these 40,000 people have said about their experience of completing the Understanding Music Seminar.

(Every testimonial you read here is 100% authentic. Every one was hand-written by the person on graduating from the seminar and we retain all original testimonials on file to prove they are genuine. You may request to see the originals at any time. We have to do this because so many people simply can’t believe they are true.)

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Dr Bobby Amin, an eye surgeon from Melbourne did the seminar and he has this to say.

“Put simply, this is hands down, the best, the most comprehensive, accessible and powerful music tuition program IN THE WORLD! The sense of confidence, possibility and excitement that one leaves with is amazing. To Duncan and all the people who helped make this seminar possible, thank you and God Bless you! (And I’m an agnostic!)”

Graham Jones, a teacher, said this “To misquote Caesar: “I came, I saw and I was conquered!” I arrived a sceptic and left a believer. WORTH EVERY PENNY!”.

Here are some more…
“I’ve fulfilled my life-long dream of learning how to play a musical instrument.” – Monitar Tan

“What a mind blowing experience for me! I never knew music was so easy, simple and enjoyable until you presented your seminar with so much energy and great understanding.” – Eric Cheng

“Dear Duncan, Where do I begin? I am literally blown away by this weekend. It has been the best experience of my life. What an adventure! Never before in my life would I have thought it possible for me to totally understand the subject of music. Simple, but POWERFUL! Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me. You have been the most inspiring teacher I’ve had on any subject. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Warren Michael

“You have unlocked a door into a magical world for me – I can’t wait to continue the journey!“ Gretchen Alt-Cooper

“Never thought I could come to this level of understanding of music in such a short time. It’s such an incredible experience.” Phan Nguyen

Not just for novices…

But it is not just complete novices who rave about the seminar.

People who had previously completely abandoned their musical dreams have attended the seminar.

One for one they all walk away like Daniel Slattery who said “I was blown away by this course. Finally after 10 years I can see the mysteries of music. THANK YOU!”

Trudi Newman who had given up music after years of trying said, “You have renewed my interest in playing having not played for 8 years.”

Others said things like this:
“It’s the simplified version of music I’ve been looking for.” Gavin Almezda

“It has got rid of a BIG BLACK HOLE which has held me back all these years..”
– Bert Gale

Self Taught Musicians …

Another group of people who are blown away by the seminar are self-taught musicians. Often these people have NO concept of music theory at all, having tried to avoid it by “teaching themselves how to play”.

But this approach means they often never reach their potential as musicians because they simply just don’t understand what they are trying to do.

They can play but they don’t know why it sounds good, or how to make it sound better. So when they do the seminar they are completely blown away!

“After twenty years of self-study the veil has been lifted.” Robert L. Olsen

“I have spent nearly 20 years of my life (and money) just trying to understand this thing they call music and you helped me see it and understand it in a weekend!!!”
Greg Barolo

“This seminar has taken me back to the basics I missed so that I now have the skills to pick up any instrument and know I can learn to play it.” Lachlan Wilkinson,

“As someone who has had some experience in music, I didn’t expect to learn much from the seminar. However thanks to your seminar, I can’t look at half the things I simply accepted the same way ever again. Music is simple. I hope to teach others that as well. Thank you!” Audrey Tjandra

How is this all possible to be achieved in just one long weekend?

The 10 minute TEDx video that turned traditional music teaching on its head!

To understand the 2,000 year old secret behind our seminar’s success, watch this TEDx video where Duncan reveals some of his method.

Click here to watch it:

A 2,000 year old secret to teaching music rediscovered!


Duncan Lorien, the creator and presenter of the Understanding Music Seminar discovered something about the way the Ancient Greeks used to teach music.

It was a special technique that was so effective that historians noted it meant in Ancient Greece, every child, yes EVERY child, who went to school by the age of 9 or 10 could master playing 2-3 instruments. Please note, that is NOT “they could play a few tunes on them” they had actually MASTERED them!

Compare that to today’s education system. How many kids aged 9-10 in any school these days can play even one instrument.

Maybe 1 in 100?

Duncan knew he was on to something very big. And that something evolved into the Understanding Music Seminar.

But there’s another secret to why our approach is so successful, when other methods fail…

Break through the 6 biggest myths of music

Did you know that the biggest thing holding you back from achieving your musical goals is not your hands…. it’s in your head!

There are 6 commonly held myths about music that prevent most from making their musical dreams come true.

These myths are so widely spread that if you stopped the average person on the street and asked them if the following 6 things were true about music, most people would agree with you.

• It’s complex.
• It’s serious
• It’s time consuming
• You need professional help
• It costs a lot of money to learn.
• You need some form of natural talent to play.
• And for all these reasons, music is NOT for everyone.

But did you know that every single one of these is a MYTH about music.

Yes! They are NOT true. These myths have all been added to the subject of music for the sole purpose of stopping you from learning how to play!

Yes that’s right. It’s the beliefs you have in your head that prevent you from playing music, not the lack of skill in your hands!

But don’t worry, the Understanding Music Seminar completely smashes those myths so you will never believe them again.

And you’ll see music for what it truly is.

In less than 3 days you will discover for yourself these 6 truths about music:

• It’s simple (not complex).
• It’s fun (not serious).
• It’s quick to learn (not time consuming).
• It won’t cost you thousands of dollars (and years of lessons.)
• You DON’T actually need to be blessed with a “gift” or “talent” to learn to play music with our method.
• And that means music IS for everyone, including YOU!

The unknown reason so many people give up trying to play music.

Did you know that music is one of the most abandoned subjects on the planet?

That’s right more people take up trying to play music and then GIVE IT UP than any other subject!

Do you know why?

The answer is very simple.

50% of music is completely logical and makes total sense. The other 50% is completely crazy. (Not a little bit crazy mind you – it’s complete, utter lunacy!)

But the thing is, no one ever tells you which 50% you are doing at any particular point in time.

So when you come across something in music you don’t understand you make the mistake of thinking there must be something wrong with you because you just “don’t get it”.

What you never do is the say the right thing.. which is there must be something wrong with the SUBJECT at that point if you don’t understand it!

All that’s happened is you’ve come across one of these crazy parts of music.

What’s different about our seminars?

Well first off we always tell which 50% you are doing so you know when you come to a crazy bit.

But more than that, we tell you why it’s crazy, who made it crazy and when they made it crazy, so it doesn’t drive you crazy anymore!

Of course, once you’ve understood it with us, it won’t seem crazy at all.

Duncan Lorien
Play Guitar

Why does our approach work where other methods fail?

Lots of people go to music teachers, watch youtube videos, buy online courses, watch DVDs, etc. But despite all this, so many people give up on their musical dreams.

Why is our approach different?

There’s a key word that is the secret to our success over the past 30 years.
It’s in the name of the seminar … the UNDERSTANDING Music Seminar.
We make sure you UNDERSTAND everything as you go along. That’s it! (It also answers why our seminar is NOT called the “how to play like Elton John or Eric Clapton in one weekend seminar”!)

Because what we do is NOT a Master Class in technique.
It’s a Master Class in Understanding what music really is. You learn the science of sound, the difference between sound and communication, how to communicate with music, plus all the notes, scales, chords and much more you’ll ever need to play.

You also get a fascinating History of Music. But this is not the standard history of music taught in universities and colleges. This is the bare naked truth of music and how it ended up being the most frustrating subject ever developed by humankind. Many people who do our seminar say the history section is the most fascinating part of the seminar.

It’s a broad, solid foundation in the subject of music that covers all the key aspects you will use no matter what instrument you want to play or what style of music interests you.

Every musician needs to understand scales, it’s the secret to improvisation.
Every musician needs to understand chords. That’s how you play songs.
Every musician needs to know all their note names with certainty. That’s how you become really good at playing music.
You learn all this and much, much more at the Understanding Music Seminar.

What you get with our seminar.

91-page workbook/manual that contains ALL the content of the seminar so you don’t even need to take any notes.

FREE Online Video containing all the demonstrations and exercises on both keyboard and guitar that you see throughout the seminar, so you can refer back to them at any time

100 FREE HOME LESSONS – these simple, easy to follow lessons take just 10 minutes a day to help you reinforce and practice everything you have learnt in the seminar. You will be amazed at your progress.

Free Lifetime support – everyone who graduates from our seminars is given full support for life so if you have any questions about the seminar materials, your lessons or the subject of music, we will answer them for you, at no charge.

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100% MONEY- BACK Guarantee – no-risk!

Our seminar includes over 20 hours of tuition with one of the world’s greatest music teachers. We promise you a lot. But if we fail to deliver what we promise by the end, you only need to tell us and we will refund your money.

Yes, that’s right, you will get 100% of your money back at the end of our seminar if we fail to deliver what we promise. It’s our No-Risk guarantee.

There is no music teacher anywhere in the world who would offer you 20 hours of tuition and then give you your money back if you are not happy with what you’ve been taught. But we do.


In this current Covid world, we know that plans can change at the last minute, lockdowns can affect people, borders can close.
While all our seminars are delivered 100% livestreamed ensuring you can always join us no matter where in the world you are, we still give you this reassurance that if you enrol in any of our seminars and pay for your place and anything prevents you from joining or attending our seminar you only need to tell us and we will refund your money in full.

Yes our seminars are fully cancellable and refundable!
We want you to be able to book with absolute certainty knowing that you won’t miss out on your place but if you do, we will give you a 100% refund.

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