The Understanding Music Seminar

100% Money-back guarantee

Our 100%, no-nonsense Money Back Guarantee!

Our seminar is completely backed by a no-nonsense 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely delighted with the results that you personally achieve from the seminar, we will have no hesitation in giving you your money back on the spot, at the end of the seminar.

We can make this statement because many people who complete the seminar claim they would have been happy to pay up to 5 times the fee charged for the seminar, so happy are they with their results.

The Understanding of Music Seminar™ Guarantee

Specifically our guarantee states that 100% of your money back is offered to any attendee who, on completing The Understanding of Music Seminar™, believes the seminar has not delivered the following:

  • A powerful understanding of the history of Western music and its many “agreements” (rules)
  • An introduction to the physics of sound.
  • All the note names on KEYBOARD & GUITAR from memory and how to work them out on ANY WESTERN INSTRUMENT.
  • How to play EVERY scale and ‘mode’ (a special type of scale). Dozens are memorised in the seminar.
  • How to play EVERY chord and inversion on both keyboard and guitar. Dozens are memorised in the seminar
  • Breakthrough exercises to teach you hand/finger coordination, and how to design exercises to meet your needs.
  • Understand how to read music like reading a book and how even a professional’s speed of reading music can be increased dramatically.
  • Rhythm – the three parts to rhythm, the missing definition in traditional teaching, and how to create original rhythms
  • A structured 5 to 10 minute daily practice schedule that really works. (How often is more important than how long.)

Please note that NO CLAIM is made that graduates will play like Elton John or Eric Clapton after only one weekend however:

BEGINNERS will be reading & playing music by the end of the weekend, including Bach, hands together, on the keyboard and have an understanding of music equivalent to someone who has been learning music for years.

EXPERIENCED MUSICIANS will get totally re-energised and empowered with a more comprehensive understanding of music, will find the “holes” in their musical understanding filled for them and will find that new doors open for them in music

PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS & TEACHERS will be re-inspired, gain creative insights & learn remarkable new teaching methods!

To judge what you might get out of the seminar, please see what graduates at all experience levels are saying about their success

The Understanding of Songwriting Seminar™ Guarantee

At the end of the Songwriting Seminar, graduates will know how to write a complete song in 4 minutes or less.

Yes, that’s the complete song structure in 4 minutes, including chords, melody, intro, chorus, bridges, etc.

Again, we will refund 100% of the seminar fee to anyone who completes the Songwriting Seminar and believes we have NOT delivered the following:

  • The Lorien ten basic rules of melody
  • The eight basic agreements on which all harmony is based
  • Song structures, song formulas and song arrangement
  • Modulation (moving from one scale to another in a song)
  • Parallel and related keys (the common scales to use when modulating)
  • Transposition (moving the whole song higher or lower in pitch)
  • Cadences (musical punctuation using chords)
  • How chord charts make notation simpler
  • Chord substitution (exchanging one chord for another)
  • The foundations for all styles of music from classical to jazz and rock
  • Chord patterning – how to develop different styles of music
  • A new approach to lyric writing and coming up with a really good idea
  • How to create a melody to fit chords you have written
  • How to create chords to fit a melody you have written
  • How to create lyrics to fit a melody you have written
  • How to create melodies to fit lyrics you have written
  • What makes a song or piece of music popular and financially successful (even if you choose not to do it)
  • Lorien chord system – the most powerful tool ever for composition
  • How to write in quantity and with quality
  • The basics of recording
  • The basics of copyrighting
  • The basics of promotion
  • A simple and powerful home study course and a daily practice schedule manual.


Understanding of Music Seminar

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