Learn to play music in 3 days – Perth Music Seminar filling fast

Ideal for beginners – No previous musical experience required!

PERTH – 22–24 January 2021

YES! The Understanding Music Seminar returns to Australia in 2021.

YES! You can learn how play music in just one weekend!

It doesn’t matter how much or how little experience you’ve had with music before, you will learn more than you ever dreamed possible in less time than you ever imagined.

Learn notes, scales, chords and jazz & blues improvisation on both keyboard and guitar, and much, much more in the most incredible musical weekend of your life.

Join more than 40,000 people worldwide who have benefited from this incredible approach to learning music delivered by a man who has been described as simply “the world’s greatest music teacher” – Duncan Lorien.

Hosted by Duncan Lorien – world renowned musician, producer and educator

A musician with impeccable credentials, Duncan has had two No. 1 albums in the UK, worked as producer and session musician with some of the world’s biggest record labels and was at one point the most expensive music teacher in Europe.

He has been delivering his Understanding Music Seminar around the world for 3 decades now, with absolutely life-changing wins for tens of thousands of people who never thought they would ever know how to play music or had given up on their musical dreams.

Here are some of their success stories:

“I walked in a complete novice and walked out being able to read and play music!” – Nelly Thomas

“From zero to Bach, in 3 days!” – Peter Thomas

“To misquote Caesar: “I came, I saw and I was conquered!” I arrived a sceptic and left a believer. WORTH EVERY PENNY!.” Graham Jones – Teacher

“By the end I knew I could play any instrument I wanted to.” – Helen Cruse

“Put simply, this is hands down, the best, the most comprehensive, accessible and powerful music tuition program IN THE WORLD! The sense of confidence, possibility and excitement that one leaves with is amazing. To Duncan and all the people who helped make this seminar possible, thank you and God Bless you! (And I’m an agnostic!)” –  Dr Bobby Amin – Novice

“I’ve fulfilled my life-long dream of learning how to play a musical instrument.” – Monitar Tan

“What a mind blowing experience for me! I never knew music was so easy, simple and enjoyable until you presented your seminar with so much energy and great understanding.” – Eric Cheng

“Dear Duncan, Where do I begin? I am literally blown away by this weekend. It has been the best experience of my life. What an adventure!…Never before in my life would I have thought it possible for me to totally understand the subject of music. Simple, but POWERFUL! Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me. You have been the most inspiring teacher I’ve had on any subject. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Warren Michael – beginner

It’s as though I’ve just walked into a beautiful sunny glade after having been lost in a forest for the most of my life.

“You have unlocked a door into a magical world for me – I can’t wait to continue the journey!“ Gretchen Alt-Cooper

“Never thought I could come to this level of understanding of music in such a short time. It’s such an incredible experience.” Phan Nguyen

“Many people advised me not to waste money attending this seminar as no one can learn or understand music in 3 days. However, against all opposition, I attended and I’m so glad as I was transformed from an illiterate tenor to one who can understand music! Thank you Duncan!” Daniel Chee

“I’m a skeptic at heart. Walked in with one eyebrow as high as I could manage. It took an hour before my eyebrow and my jaw both dropped! Duncan is the most intellectually impressive man I have ever met and I’m known for being rarely impressed. C’mon, ALL MAJOR AND MINOR CHORDS IN 4 SECONDS!!! School is going feel like learning at snail’s pace!”       Kinto B – High School Student

“I would need to be a wordsmith to describe what your seminar did for me. It’s as though I’ve just walked into a beautiful sunny glade after having been lost in a forest for the most of my life. Warmest regards.”      Bill McInnes (75 yo)

“I have been intending to take music lessons for some time…thank goodness I heard Duncan talking to Jane Clifton on ABC Radio the night before the seminar. I took a big risk…I could not have been happier with the whole experience. It has been a pleasure and privilege to be a “student” of Duncan’s.” Gaynor Cooper, novice

If these testimonials are not enough there are dozens and dozens more from completed beginners, lapsed musicians, music students, even music teachers AND professional musicians.

See more here at Testimonials | Understanding Of Music (understandingmusicseminar.com.au)

Incredible TEDx video reveals the secrets of the world’s greatest music teacher

To get a small taste of Duncan’s revolutionary approach to teaching music, please watch this TEDx talk he delivered at an Italian university a few years ago. It’s just 10 minutes long and it will change how you look at music forever. You won’t believe how simple learning to play music can actually be.

Just click this link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/2kgKp6Gbwjk

What you will learn in this incredible seminar

In this incredible weekend seminar you will learn:

  • All your note names on keyboard and guitar, plus how to find them on any Western Music Instrument
  • How to play almost every scale imaginable on keyboard and guitar
  • How to play literally thousands of chords on keyboard and guitar
  • How to improvise fun things, like jazz and blues
  • Why one musician communicates incredibly with just 3 chords and another says nothing while playing 30 chords
  • Plus you will also receive a mind-blowing history of music that will reveal the reasons why so many people give up trying to play music out of sheer frustration. This history also reveals:
  • The 6 biggest myths about learning to play music and why they are most probably holding you back right now
  • Why music is really inherently simple but has been made unnecessarily complex to actually keep people from learning it easily
  • Why whenever you ran into a problem trying to learn to play music it was NEVER your fault and always a fault of the subject itself and the way it is traditionally taught
  • All this and much, much more

Bonus! FREE online video and 100 FREE Home Lessons

You don’t just walk away from this amazing seminar with the equivalent understanding of music of someone who’s been studying or taking lessons for years, but you also walk away with so much more.

  • Your 124 page seminar workbook, comprising virtually everything you learnt in the seminar, all written down for you, so you don’t even need to take any notes! You can refer to this workbook over and over again whenever you have a query about music.
  • A FREE Online video (or DVD if you prefer) that contains everything Duncan demonstrates in the seminar on both keyboard and guitar, so that you can watch it over and over again to see exactly what he did. It’s your permanent visual record of the seminar.
  • Plus a completely FREE Home Lesson program, containing 100 daily lessons you can do yourself at home for just 10 minutes a day. That’s right, just 10 minutes a day and you’ll be learning even more. It’s just like having Duncan sitting next you at your instrument telling you exactly what to do. It reinforces everything you’ve learnt in the seminar and takes you to an even higher level of understanding and playing ability.
Backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee – book with confidence!

You can book your place in this incredible seminar with absolute confidence because we guarantee we will deliver to you everything we promise or you will get 100% of your money back, on the spot.

That’s right, to claim your 100% Money Back Guarantee you simply have to tell us at the end of the seminar that you didn’t enjoy your experience, return your materials and we’ll give you your money back in cash, on the spot. No questions asked.

So you can book with absolute certainty and confidence, knowing that if you don’t absolutely love it there is no risk. If it’s not the most incredible musical learning experience of your life, it will have cost you nothing!

What music teacher offers you that sort of guarantee? In a word, none. We give you over 20 hours of tuition in music and if you don’t find it truly amazing, just tell us and you get your money back. (The full Understanding Music Seminar runs from 1-6pm Friday, then 9.30am – 6.30pm Saturday & Sunday.)

There’s no risk, so why not book today and save $200!’

Do the seminar LIVE from the comfort of your own home!

Please note, this seminar is being delivered 100% LIVE ONLINE via Zoom.

You will have full LIVE contact with Duncan throughout the seminar and can ask him direct questions and he will answer them just like he was in the room with you. This new seminar delivery format if you live far away from the seminar venue, even in another state, you can still join the seminar via Zoom in your own home.

It is being hosted in person by one of Duncan’s most experienced licensed teachers who has completed Duncan’s seminars over 100 times. No one is more familiar with Duncan’s teaching methods and seminars than this teacher, (except for Duncan himself.) He will also be online to assist you throughout the seminar, answer questions, show you how to apply what you are learning from Duncan and much more.


If you’re still not sure that this is the best, easiest and fastest way to learn music, we have a bonus for you. Simply register for the first day of the seminar by paying a $200 deposit. We’ll let you participate with the full first day session on Friday so you get to experience the seminar for yourself. Then if you’re happy to continue, simply pay the balance and we’ll let you continue. But if you don’t want to continue, you don’t have to pay anything more. In fact, we’ll even refund your $200, so that first day will be FREE. And you get to keep everything you learnt on that day, as no-one can take it away from you.

We are so certain you will love what you experience at the seminar that we are prepared to give you the first day as no-risk trial for just $200. Simply book with the standard $200 deposit and let us know you’d like to do the trial day and we’ll make it possible for you!


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