The Understanding Music Seminar



“Amazing..” “Life-changing…” “Jaw-dropping…”

Just a few of words used to describe The Understanding of Music Seminar from people all over the world who have experienced this amazing weekend.

Original handwritten copies of all these testimonials are held by seminar organisers and can be shown on request. (All participants listed here have gladly given their permission for their testimonials to be published.)

Complete novices, music students & teachers, self-taught musicians, even professionals, all have the amazing things to say about their experience.

Beginners / Novices

“I walked in a complete novice and walked out being able to read and play music!” – Nelly Thomas

“From zero to Bach, in 3 days!” – Peter Thomas

To misquote Caesar: “I came, I saw and I was conquered!” I arrived a sceptic and left a believer. WORTH EVERY PENNY!.”
Graham Jones – Teacher

Whoa. That’s got to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.”
Alex (11 years old)

By the end I knew I could play any instrument I wanted to.”
– Helen Cruse

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! What can I say, I am speechless. A million thank you’s for making a dream a reality.” Marilyn – beginner

“Put simply, this is hands down, the best, the most comprehensive, accessible and powerful music tuition program IN THE WORLD! The sense of confidence, possibility and excitement that one leaves with is amazing. To Duncan and all the people who helped make this seminar possible, thank you and God Bless you! (And I’m an agnostic!)” –  Dr Bobby Amin – Novice

I’ve fulfilled my life-long dream of learning how to play a musical instrument.” – Monitar Tan

What a mind blowing experience for me! I never knew music was so easy, simple and enjoyable until you presented your seminar with so much energy and great understanding.” – Eric Cheng

Dear Duncan, Where do I begin? I am literally blown away by this weekend. It has been the best experience of my life. What an adventure!…Never before in my life would I have thought it possible for me to totally understand the subject of music. Simple, but POWERFUL! Thank you for the wonderful gift you have given me. You have been the most inspiring teacher I’ve had on any subject. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Warren Michael – beginner

You have unlocked a door into a magical world for me – I can’t wait to continue the journey!“ Gretchen Alt-Cooper

Never thought I could come to this level of understanding of music in such a short time. It’s such an incredible experience.” Phan Nguyen

I have had no musical training prior to this seminar. This has been a wealth of knowledge for me. I had wanted to learn music all my life. Thanks for making my dream come true!” Marcus Phuah

Thank you Duncan for introducing the world of music to me in such an interesting way. There couldn’t be a better way to do it!” Alex Puah

Ever since I was a little girl of five, I’ve wanted to learn the piano…I thought that this goal of learning would never be achieved. I came into this seminar quite sceptical but believed I had nothing to lose…Well! it’s been absolutely inspirational. Everything that had seemed so out of reach became simple and possible. I actually played…with BOTH hands today for the first time in my life. My dream has come true…God bless you.”
Suzette H – Novice

I can’t believe that I read and played music on the piano without any prior experience with piano in my life!
Sandeep D

Many people advised me not to waste money attending this seminar as no one can learn or understand music in 3 days. However, against all opposition, I attended and I’m so glad as I was transformed from an illiterate tenor to one who can read and understand music! Thank you Duncan!” Daniel Chee

I’m a skeptic at heart. Walked in with one eyebrow as high as I could manage. It took an hour before my eyebrow and my jaw both dropped! Duncan is the most intellectually impressive man I have ever met and I’m known for being rarely impressed. C’mon, ALL MAJOR AND MINOR CHORDS IN 4 SECONDS!!! School is going feel like learning at snail’s pace!”                                                                               Kinto B – High School Student

Until I heard your radio interview, I had given up the idea I could play the piano successfully with enjoyment . I have a new relationship with the piano. Your teaching methods are brilliant. I wish all teachers were like you.”
Jill C.

“I was told I could never read music. I had never even touched a piano until now. Dreams really do come true. If you have a dream, don’t give up. Believe in yourself and Duncan will help you. Amazingly unbelievable!”        Anton W

I would need to be a wordsmith to describe what your seminar did for me. It’s as though I’ve just walked into a beautiful sunny glade after having been lost in a forest for the most of my life. Warmest regards.”      Bill McInnes (75 yo)

I never realised that music could be understood to this extent over 3 days. By the second day I had “teared up” several times at the wonder of feeling that this might be possible for me. I will be getting my partner and kids to attend next time!”                                                                                                                                                     Steve B

I have been intending to take music lessons for some time…thank goodness I heard Duncan talking to Jane Clifton on ABC Radio the night before the seminar. I took a big risk…I could not have been happier with the whole experience. It has been a pleasure and privilege to be a “student” of Duncan’s.”
Gaynor C, novice

Lapsed Musicians


You have renewed my interest in playing having not played for 8 years.” – Trudi Newman

I had attempted to learn music on many occasions but given it up. Within the first few minutes of this seminar, I knew something was different and I was excited. The “wow” moment came on the 2nd day when a fellow student got up and was playing jazz 5 minutes later. I know this has changed my life!                                                             Dean J

Duncan, you truly are an unbelievable man. I have never met any musician or person for that matter who could explain such difficult musical concepts to me and have me understand it. I feel like I could play any instrument now! ” Monica – A Year 12 student

Brilliant! Brilliant! Truly amazing, can t thank you enough. I am totally revitalised!!!
Jack M Student

“I am ever so grateful for all that I have been taught.  I plan to help my children with these methods as well as my father, who has always loved music.
Rosie S., studied piano as a child

As a child I was told by my father (who was a very good singer) that I was tone deaf so gave up guitar at the age of 9. Two years ago, at 45, I was inspired to learn one or two songs on guitar but only by parrot fashion. I never anticipated to learn music or even be a musician. I really enjoyed this seminar and learned more than I believed, but achieved what was advertised (amazingly) now I am motivated to become a musician on two instruments, guitar and piano.
John Jarvis

Self Taught Musicians


I was blown away by this course. Finally after 10 years I can see the mysteries of music. When I look at a piece of music I now see notes and other symbols not squiggles, THANK YOU!”  – Daniel Slattery

After twenty years of self-study the veil has been lifted.
Robert L. Olsen

It has got rid of a BIG BLACK HOLE which has held me back all these years..”
– Bert Gale

“I have spent nearly 20 years of my life (and money) just trying to understand this thing they call music and you helped me see it and understand it in a weekend!!!
Greg Barolo – Self Employed

It’s the simplified version of music I’ve been looking for.”
– Gavin Almezda

I do not feel the fear of opening up a musical score anymore. A life-changing experience.” Gerry Ng

This seminar has taken me back to the basics I missed so that I now have the skills to pick up any instrument and know I can learn to play it.” Lachlan Wilkinson,

As someone who has had some experience in music, I didn’t expect to learn much from the seminar. However thanks to your seminar, I can’t look at half the things I simply accepted the same way ever again. Music is simple. I hope to teach others that as well. Thank you!” Audrey Tjandra

Experienced/ Professional Musicians


The most amazing experience. Wow! Seriously, up there with meeting my new-born for the first time.I loved this experience and wish for everyone I know to share this with me.”
Kate Ceberano, leading Australian singer/musician

Anyone seriously interested in playing should take this seminar.
Magic Dick, J. Geils Band

“It took me five years to reach a point equal to the first few hours of this course. There is nothing comparable to this data in the field of music.”
Billy Van Horn

“This seminar has given me my life back.”
Scott Fletcher, guitarist

This experience has blown my mind. It makes me feel very in the present and powerful. Funny, coming from someone who has made a living out of music for 20 years!
Phil Ceberano

“Probably the most honest music seminar on the planet. I learned more in two days than I did in the last eight years.”
John Fordham

Duncan Lorien has corrected 2,000 years of human error in music!
Rob Gennari, (voted Australia’s #1 up-and-coming Rock Drummer )

I highly recommend it.”
Bill Shanley, guitarist (Mary Black band)

I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 45 years and I learned more about music in the past 3 days than the previous 45 years!
Doug Stillwagon

I feel renovated and a great need to communicate through music again.
Georges Phillipart – Bassoonist, Venezuelan symphony orchestra

“Unbelievable to have fourteen years of information clarified so that I can pursue what I’ve always wanted to do; make music. Thank you so much.”
Corneille Hutten-Burger, classical guitarist

I went to ******* college of music for four years and accumulated a lot of confusion while I was there. This weekend de-mystified my musical education.”
Kelly Riley, recording artist and vocal instructor

This seminar cleared up about forty years of confusions, misunderstandings and falsehoods about music and its development. This resulted in an education level with music that I thought was beyond reach.”
Dave Kline, violinist

“Everything I have been looking for, missing and even avoiding, the seminar has brought the knowledge to my hands.”
Mauricio Sanmartin, pan-pipe player

After years of playing music, three of them professionally, this course has blown my mind! I am so inspired to restart my musical career.
Ludwig Bouwer

I have a new feeling about the subject of music and it has opened the door to an infinity of creations.”
Frank Fischer, composer

Thank you for this incredible gift to the world of music and music lovers.
Stephan Gebhardt-Seele, saxophonist

This has been jaw dropping! I spent 10 years utterly confusing myself and the past 3 days unravelling all my confusions and finally understanding the stuff that was always so “mysterious”.
Marc Ricci- Guitarist

Now my 7 years of piano lessons won’t go to waste–I haven’t touched a piano in 23 years. I finally know I can play any key with confidence. Thank you for your generosity…you are amazing. You’ve given me such a gift.
Jane B, experienced musician

I’ve been playing music for twenty years and I never thought I could know all this. It’s astounding and beyond.
James Kolousek, musician

I’ve been studying and playing music professionally for over 35 years now, and I have never come across a simpler, easier method of learning music. I knew all the theory & chords, but Duncan brought it all together, summing up 20-30 years of info in 2½ days! He gets rid of the junk and uncovers all the arbitrary rules. It also inspired me again.
Greg Goris, Professional Musician

“I have performed on stage…but always felt inferior to the others who could read the music…You have taken away all the misconceptions and explained all the stuff that others couldn’t…This doesn’t daunt me any more.
Simon L – professional musician

What a complete and utter joy to watch my dad actually read, understand and play a piece of music. That’s been his lifetime frustration and how fantastic to see such a breakthrough. I’ve cried and laughed joy oh joy!
Julie G.-B., experienced pianist who brought her dad to the seminar

If you have any doubts, take it from someone who may appear not to need it.  DO DUNCAN’S COURSE!
– Geoff Levin (Grammy Nominated film composer)

Music Teachers / Professors


“I have taught music for thirty years and would not have believed this possible in one weekend but it really, really is!
Andrej Mentschukoff

I finally received what I never got at ******* college of music.”
Roderick Camelia, guitar teacher

I extracted more from the information and material than in all the time at  ******* (music college).”
Peter Corona, analyst

Not just another music seminar. This seminar has given me more in one weekend than I ever dreamed possible. Well worth the 800km drive!
Di C, music teacher

Great seminar! I would recommend this course to every student.”
– Carlos Campos – Instructor, Berklee College of Music

Media Review


From novice to musician in a weekend.”  – Boston Globe

Demystifies music.”  – Daily Journal

Fanfare for the common man. Start spreading the news.”  – Herald Sun

Lorien’s great gift is the ability to make simple what had seemed complex.” – Roslyn Guy, Education Editor, The Age

“I salute you!”  – Ron Payne, Editor of The Australian Music Teacher


Understanding of Music Seminar

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