Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar

Understanding the Basics of Singing Seminar

Have you always wanted to sing? Have you tried before but felt your voice wasn’t good enough? Have you been singing for a while but want to get much better? Understanding The Basics of Singing Seminar will teach you more about singing in just 1 evening and 1 day, than you thought possible. This seminar is for anyone who has ever wanted to sing and has never realised their dream or for anyone who is currently singing and wants to improve their singing. In this remarkable seminar you will learn powerful fundamentals of singing, that even the professionals don’t know such as:

  • what it actually means “to sing”, (understanding this point alone will change the way you look at singing forever)
  • what your “voice-box” is and how it works
  • what “singing in pitch” actually means
  • how to be more relaxed in front of an audience
  • how to control your breath
  • how to project your voice better
  • how to increase the range of your voice
  • how to add interesting effects to your voice
  • how to handle vocal breaks or transitions,
  • how to sing by sight-reading, so you can pick up any piece of music and know how to sing it

You will walk out of this seminar knowing that when you go for a note, you will be able to nail it every time! You will increase your confidence and certainty in your voice and your overall singing ability. In fact, you will discover ‘The Voice’ you never know you had inside you! You’ll also learn some great warm up and cool down exercises for your voice, so you can look after it better. The seminar includes a complete manual and a FREE DVD of Duncan’s own daughter demonstrating all the exercises for you. So you can see someone else who couldn’t sing at the beginning actually go through the process of learning to sing with you. Register for the Singing Seminar today at our registration page or ask for a free info pack at info@musicseminar.com.au

About Duncan Lorien

Sofia Lundberg's PhotographyMany of us can remember a favourite teacher, someone who fostered our passion in a subject and left us inspired, energised and excited. The kind of person who could make any subject interesting.

Duncan Lorien, the seminar author and presenter, is one of these rare people. He has recorded 3 top-selling albums, worked as a session musician with some of the most famous musicians on the planet and been a producer for some of the world s top recording labels. Above all, he is a brilliant music educator. His passion is watching people “come alive” with newfound understanding, inspiration and creativity by opening new doors for people in music.

Born in 1954 in London, England, he studied classical piano from the age of 4 years, and was Deputy Head Chorister at the Royal School of Church Music at Addington Palace in London. He studied drama and music in college and trained in opera and theatre for 3 years.

At teacher training college he found the approach to music was serious and complex and left to begin his own approach to the subject. The 20 years he spent researching music history and education resulted in the Understanding of Music Seminar delivered worldwide since 1991. The Understanding of Songwriting Seminar for graduates of the Understanding of Music Seminar was introduced in 1998.

He has worked as a recording artist, songwriter and producer with BMG Publishing, EMI Records, Polygram, PRT Records, Chappell, Carlin, Intersong, Ocean Disque and ARC Records. His publishing and recording deals resulted in the successful albums with guitarist Martin Daley; “Architects of Time” and “Dreams of the Yes Men.” Both albums were play-listed on top radio stations and reached number one in the U.K. new age charts, charting above albums by Enya, Yanni, Rick Wakeman, Tangerine Dream and Andy Summers of The Police. The first album “Architects of Time,” number one in 1989, was still in the top six new age charting albums in 1992, three years later! “Dreams of the Yes Men,” released in 1992, went to number one the first week of its release. Duncan writes and performs many musical styles including rock, jazz, blues and classical and in March 2003 released a new rock instrumental album “One Life at a time.”

The Music of Duncan Lorien.

The Understanding of Music Company was founded in response to the demand for Duncan’s teaching methods from thousands of people all over the world. Until recently he was travelling 150,000 miles each year going around the world to five continents to bring his simple and powerful system to as many people as possible.

His revolutionary approach to playing, reading and composing music has helped renowned rock, jazz and classical musicians, college instructors and teachers plus hundreds of total beginners to reach new heights of creativity! Duncan wants everyone to experience the joy and simplicity of music and he invites you to join him for the musical adventure of your life.

Now that revolution continues as Duncan now delivers his seminar to you, in the comfort of your own home, meaning you don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy this life-changing approach to learning how to read, play and compose music!

Reviews of the Seminar

Duncan Lorien and the Seminar continue to receive media and popular attention internationally. Since the seminar began in 1991, it has been presented to popular acclaim in 25 countries and the list is growing:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Carribean
  • Czech Republic
  • Dutch Antilles (Aruba)
  • England
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Scotland
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Venezuela

Participant acclaim in Australia has landed us a spot in the top 3 seminar countries worldwide. For all our lack of grandstanding, we spread the word to friends and family faster than many others do.

Also, we owe thanks to the media for their interest and positive reviews of the seminar. The seminar has received coverage from:

  • The Age
  • Herald Sun
  • ABC Radio
  • Boite Music Festival
  • Melbourne Music Festival
  • Australian Music Teacher Journal and Music Teacher Magazine

See our media page for more information


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