The Understanding Music Seminar

Learn to read and play music in 3 days

“The Understanding Music Seminar”

by Duncan Lorien


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2018/19 Tour Dates Announced!

  • MUSIC SEMINAR - Singapore: 13th-15th July, 2018
  • MUSIC SEMINAR - Vietnam: 20th-22nd July, 2018
  • MUSIC SEMINAR - Auckland: 25th-27th January, 2019
  • SINGING SEMINAR - Auckland: 29th-30th January, 2019
  • MUSIC SEMINAR - Melbourne: 1st-3rd February, 2019
  • MUSIC SEMINAR - Canberra: 8th-10th February, 2019
  • SINGING SEMINAR - Melbourne: 12th-13th February, 2019
  • SONGWRITING SEMINAR - Melbourne: 15th-17th February, 2019


Learn to read and play music in just 3 days

Have you always wanted to play music but never had the time?

Have you tried before and given up in frustration?

Are you a self-taught musician with big “gaps” in your musical understanding?

Have you tried but never made any real progress?

Forget online courses, videos or do it yourself books, you have found the best way to learn music ever created.

Understanding Music Seminar

In just 3 days and with only 10 minutes a day after that, you can be playing notes, chords, scales, improvising jazz & blues & reading music, thanks to the world’s most amazing music learning method – Duncan Lorien’s Understanding Music Seminar. 

Our seminar guarantees to teach you:

  • all your notes on keyboard or guitar faster than you thought possible
  • lots of scales in just a couple of hours
  • dozens and dozens of chords, in one afternoon
  • how to READ Music, in just one day!

If we don’t deliver what we promise you will get 100% of your money-back.

Why you need to attend

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Reason 1

Forget “teach yourself” music books, online learning systems, videos or any other music teaching method.

You will make more progress towards your goal to play piano, guitar or keyboard and more importantly, UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING, than another music teaching method.

Reason 2

This is not some “system” designed to simplify music, this is REAL MUSIC, taught the RIGHT WAY, with FULL UNDERSTANDING, so you can make faster progress and NOT GIVE UP IN FRUSTRATION!

If you lead a busy life, but have always wanted to learn how to play music, this seminar is for you.

It will SAVE you TIME – you will make more progress faster than other methods.

If you’ve been trying to learn for years this seminar will fast-track your progress so you make up for all that lost time spent getting nowhere.

Reason 3

It will SAVE you MONEY – your seminar is a one-off cost, plus you receive 100 FREE LESSONS and a FREE DVD from the seminar presenter, ALL included in the cost!

It’s the seminar that OPENS THE DOOR to a whole new world of musical understanding and ability.


(Click on the testimonials page now to read what hundreds of other people
say about this life-changing musical event! Original hand-written copies of all testimonials are kept on file and may be viewed on request to certify these are actual statement from graduates of the seminar.)

You can join them and make this year, the year you achieve your musical dreams.

Put simply, this is hands down, the best, the most comprehensive, accessible and powerful music tuition program IN THE WORLD! The sense of confidence, possibility and excitement that one leaves with is amazing. To Duncan and all the people who helped make this seminar possible, thank you and God Bless you! (And I’m an agnostic!)”

Dr B Amin


“The most amazing experience.

Wow! Seriously, up there with meeting my new-born for the first time.I loved this experience and wish for everyone I know to share this with me.”

Kate Ceberano

Australian singer / musician


Understanding of Music Seminar

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

0450 510 822 (If overseas + 613 9870 6980)